Forest in the Tree



Open ideas and questions about how people and technology should be:


  • Humans are innately playful
  • Don't need to be so serious all the time
  • Fun
  • Technology doesn't need to be boring
  • Accessible - everyone can get "fun". It is inviting
  • Subversive - playful on the outside, meaningful on the inside


  • Connected to people
  • Connected to nature
  • Connected to purpose
  • Connect vastness to the singular, and the singular to the vast - the forest to the tree, and the tree to the forest. Cyclical.
  • Connect disparate systems/ideas - software/hardware/design/content/people
  • Technology enables connection. It's the medium


  • Humanist
  • Naturalistic
  • Human centered/focused
  • Purposeful
  • Technology can be meaningful
  • The root of where technology comes from
  • People love stories. Fiction is powerful

Why "Forest in the Tree"?

A forest is made of trees, and trees make up a forest. "Forest in the Tree" captures the evolving, interrelated, and often inverted socio-technical relationship of people and technology.

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